Friday, July 13, 2007

Oil still going up

This is a market I just don't understand:
The price of oil jumped to an 11-month high yesterday, moving even closer to record levels hit last summer as fears mounted over shortages in supply.

Speculation in the world's most actively traded commodity, rapidly rising demand and reports that production would slow over the next five years pushed Brent crude up to $77.07 briefly during early-afternoon trading, within $2 of the all-time high of $78.65 set last August.

Investors said hedge funds and pension funds were key drivers behind the latest rally. "This rally is very much fund driven," said Graham Sharp, director at Trafigura, a commodities trading group. "The entry of long-only hedge funds into the market is a major factor this time around. We wouldn't rule out Brent hitting $80 this summer."

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