Friday, July 13, 2007


This will probably get vetoed:
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Iraqi government is achieving only spotty military and political progress, the Bush administration conceded Thursday in an assessment that war critics quickly seized on as confirmation of their dire warnings. Within hours, the House voted to withdraw U.S. troops by spring.

The House measure passed 223-201 in the Democratic-controlled chamber despite a veto threat from President Bush, who has ruled out any change in war policy before September.

A great way for both parties to stand up to this will be to overturn the veto. That is IF the Senate passes the bill also.

UPDATE: Apparently Bush isn't happy about this, though the White House is wary:

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) said the report "cannot paint over the reality" that the troop surge is failing. "It remains abundantly clear that we need to change course in Iraq, end the escalation, apply political pressure to the Iraqis and pursue an aggressive diplomatic strategy in the region, and bring our troops home," she said.

Even the White House was concerned Bush overstepped with his upbeat war talk, sending spokesman Tony Snow out to talk to the cable news outlets to clarify the President's remarks.

"The President isn't saying we're winning. He says we're in a fight. He says we cannot afford not to win," Snow told Fox News.

Bush also warned of "consequences of failure" if the U.S. leaves Iraq too soon, accusing Iran of arming insurgents and Syria of aiding suicide bombers.

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