Thursday, July 12, 2007

More on Al Qaida in Iraq

Kevin Drum weighs in:

IRAQ UPDATE....Non-insane conservative James Joyner has read the White House's latest assessment of the war in Iraq and is distinctly unimpressed:

So, essentially, despite [Al-Qaida in Iraq] comprising something like five percent of the insurgency, we have diverted most of our resources to combating it. And we're failing. Not only is AQI stronger but, as another report being released today suggests, al Qaeda in general is enjoying a resurgence.

Meanwhile, the [Iraqi Security Forces] continues to be an undependable, lackluster fighting force four years into the game. That, despite their training having been headed up by the counterinsurgency guru who's now in charge of the whole shebang.

To be fair....

Click the link if you, too, want to be fair. I'm not in the mood.

The post goes on for more than that. Suggesting that for the administration to attempt to declare any other enemies in Iraq besides Al Qaida forces them to take sides in the sectarian violence that is our biggest problem. Personally, I think if we'd just get the hell out of there, we'd be amazed how much cooperation begins to thrive among the warring factions.

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