Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Well it was just like I expected. For no reason, Bush went on prime time TV last night to show the country and the world how politely his soldiers will applaud his rhetoric. It was like watching Stalin make a speech to his armies. Hundreds of stoic soldiers with blank faces applauding whenever the president paused. What a laugh. As for the speech itself, it sounded to me like the same crap we've been hearing from ol' G.W. He blamed 9/11 for everything(note: The White House has released it's opinion that Iraq did not have anything to do with 9/11) by bringing up that Osama Bin Laden is pushing for more Al Queda action in Iraq(because now it's the perfect place for terrorism). He pleaded with the country to support the war with no reasons other than, the enemy might see us as weak. He offered no strategy or plan of removal other than, "when the Iraqis stand up we will step down." He didn't lie much, but he didn't say much either. Not only was the bulk of this speech bogus rhetoric to avoid the real topics at hand, it was a shallow appeal to recruit more people to the military or keep those enlisted now with a high idea of what a career in the military is. I was going to post some other's opinions, but there's no point. Everyone's saying the same thing, save CNN who polled that almost half of the people that watched the speech had a good reaction to it. That is without mentioning that most of the people that bothered to watch the speech were already on Bush's side. Most democrats or non-supporteres watched something else to avoid hearing this silly man claim the same victories when all we can see is struggle and defeat. You can compare that poll with the poll showing that 52% of people now say that Bush "Intentionally Misled the American Public" into the Iraq war.

P.S. This was Reid's comments:

“Tonight’s address offered the President an excellent opportunity to level with the American people about the current situation in Iraq, put forth a path for success, and provide the means to assess our progress. Unfortunately he fell short on all counts.

“There is a growing feeling among the American people that the President’s Iraq policy is adrift, disconnected from the reality on the ground and in need of major mid-course corrections. “Staying the course,” as the President advocates, is neither sustainable nor likely to lead to the success we all seek.

“The President’s numerous references to September 11th did not provide a way forward in Iraq, they only served to remind the American people that our most dangerous enemy, namely Osama bin Laden, is still on the loose and Al Qaeda remains capable of doing this nation great harm nearly four years after it attacked America.

“Democrats stand united and committed to seeing that we achieve success in Iraq and provide our troops, their families, and our veterans everything they need and deserve for their sacrifices for our nation. The stakes are too high, and failure in Iraq cannot be an option. Success is only possible if the President significantly alters his current course. That requires the President to work with Congress and finally begin to speak openly and honestly with our troops and the American people about the difficult road ahead.

“Our troops and their families deserve no less.”

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