Monday, June 27, 2005

Stupid stupid stupid

Okay, I don't have a link for this, but I just heard this morning on NPR that the Ohio legislature has passed legislation to ban any and all stem cell research in Ohio including any stem cells already marked for research purposes by the federal government. Their reasoning? "There has been no scientific evidence that stem cell research is making any progress for the medical community." So either John Stewart is right, they don't know what the word progress means, or they don't even understand what scientific evidence is. The latter would at least explain the reason why clean coal and more national oil drilling has beaten out the obvious global warming and alternative fuel arguments. The main issue here though is that Ohio is on the path towards being behind as always. We have a state here that has robust technical resources, some of the best biotech resources and a legislature that would rather throw that all away than admit that it's bullshit values arguments they're referring to when they say "scientific evidence." I'm so sick and tired of it always being some assholes opinion over blatant facts from proven research. And it isn't going to end in two years either. Just because we've got an idiot in the White House doesn't change the fact that half of America has their head up god's ass.

UPDATE: Via comments, Allie is right, this isn't a ban, it's a funding issue. Taft is removing funding from any and all stem cell research, but that in itself stifles private companies because they can't help fund this type of research, or facilitate it without coming up with all the funds on their own.
UPDATE: Yeah I'm an idiot for even writing this post "about" Taft. It was the Ohio legislatures hand in this whole ball of wax, and Taft just vetoed the bill. Well good for him, but I can't help but feel this was one of those "I'm going to get them to bring me this bill so I can kill it and be a scant bit more popular." Not that Taft has much popularity to Ohioans, at least those that I know, but well whatever, we dodged a bullet, yay Ohio!


Allie said...

Just to clarify...Taft isn't banning ALL stem cell research, although he's certainly putting a huge damper on making it possible. The third frontier commission was designed by Taft to help fund technology-advancing-related research...unfortunately, the TFC will no longer be funding stem cell research. Private companies, however, can do what they want, but i agree with your assertion that it SHOULD be something the government is involved with.

Let me know if you want to see the bill (H.B. 66, 126th GA) amends RC 184.02.

Dr 4LOM said...

You're right, I shouldn't have used the word "ban" when it really is just a removal of funding, but yeah the point is really that this is another way that Ohio legislators are preventing good business and good technology progress. Ohio is in an economic slump that rivals many other states for being one of the worst run state economies in the country. It's a waste of taxpayer money for Ohio to commission prevention bills based on ethics that aren't shared by the entire state. In a way, it's just like the issue with gambling. We have the perfect location to promote and profit from gambling casinos, but because some people in Ohio are against it, specifically those people that don't want to accept that Ohioans are regularly traveling to Michigan or Windsor to gamble with money that could come right back to the state. On that though I must admit that this recent BS with the Native Americans using a land grab tactic to bully the state into allowing casinos is really pathetic. While it stands to help the state as well as the tribe, it's a poor way to attack a very simple issue.
As for seeing that bill, I'd like to if I could. Anytime something comes out like this, verbage is uber important. For instance, if you read the US legislation on flag burning, you'll that any person viewing another person burning anything resembling a US flag could be called up on charges and face jail time. Or the marriage amendment they tried to pass, it basically stated that any new marriage would be considered invalid. Simply because by taking a blanket approach to a simple problem, they create holes that can be used to undermine the basics of what the legislation is supposed to do. I don't know why I just explained all of that to you, but concerning stem cell research, what struck me as rediculous was the reasons behind it. We're idiots if we believe that no scientific proof has shown advances in stem cell research. And it's valid to want to keep public funds away from ethical arguments that haven't been settled, but this one just gets on my nerves. Stem cell research is the way to solve all of the problems that most people believe can only be done through genetic experiments and bioengineering when in fact, stem cells are nothing more than using nature's building blocks to aid living humans. I don't think it should be considered playing god, attempting cloning, or killing babies. As I've mentioned here before and probably in conversations with you, there are thousands of stem cells available everytime someone gives birth to a healthy baby. It would just take information and process to allow mothers to decide if they want those cells to be donated to research or if they want to throw out the umbilical cord or keep it or whatever. It can be a choice, but it shouldn't be a choice that puts the rest of the world at an advantage and stifles the work of scientists in the US that have already invested so much time and effort already.

Allie said...

i just read that Taft vetoed the amendment concerning the stem cell research. We're supposed to get the official bill tomorrow (7/1), but you can go to the state site and view versions of the's the budget bill, by the way, so it'll be hugondo. either way, i'll get you a copy of what it says.

Dr 4LOM said...

Allie you're the bestest. I didn't hear the news of the veto. I'm an idiot, see this is what work does to me. All day before I wrote this post I was saying the Ohio legislature blah blah blah and for some reason when I wrote it down I put Taft as the culprit. Oh well, I guess it's because he's one of the worst governor's since Bush. Don't forget to buy your cigarettes tonight btw, the big tax hike on smokes starts tomorrow!