Thursday, June 30, 2005

Smoke if you got 'em

Today's the day to buy a carton. Tomorrow starts the cigarette tax for us Clevelanders. 70 cents a pack I believe is the hike. Also guess what happened to me this week? Well I arrived home Wednesday to find Susie soaked to the gills standing on the back porch telling me she turned the water off. So confused I walk in and low and behold, my entire kitchen is soaked to the gills as well as the basement. Floaded. So we figure out that one of the pipes on the bathroom sink burst, and I shut that valve off and turned the water back on. Then after spending several hours mopping up water in the kitchen and the basement, I sat down to relax when...CRASH! Half of the kitchen ceiling comes crashing down and I run into the kitchen to see nothing but rubble below this giant gaping hole in my ceiling. Is this an omen to get the hell out of this house or what?

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