Tuesday, February 22, 2005

New Purpose, New Blogs

Well Vic has gone ahead and created a blog of his own for the purpose of keeping in touch. It's funny because I thought that was what this blog was for, but apparently I was wrong. So I checked out and we had a whopping one person a day on the site. I'm assuming that means that the three people that were reading this a week ago are now at the Beepo lounge instead. So what can I say with a hair's twinge of bitterness, but lot's of luck man. Seriously I hope it works out great. I plan on posting there in just a bit to reckognize it's existence. So what to do with this space. Well I had previously made another blog for myself and intended to use that as a personal blog, but no one knows the address, or goes, or cares. So fuck it. This space is going to be changed around to be more akin to it's address. This will be the new Madness Counseling site. It's purpose is to quell the madness of the world in whatever form it should manifest itself. I'll probably still continue posting political madness, but I'll include some general madness and some madness I hear from others. I will probably change the name from House of Madness to just Madness Counseling. This way it doesn't take any credit for hosting a bunch of people that don't care to be here anymore. I have a few other ideas in mind, but I'll stop making empty promises and move on...

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