Friday, February 11, 2005

Passed yesterday

Rep. Earl Blumenauer yesterday:
If this provision, the waiver of all laws necessary for quote improvements of barriers at the border was to become law, the Secretary of Homeland Security could give a contract to his political cronies that had no safety standards, using 12-year-old illegal immigrants to do the labor, run it through the site of a Native American burial ground, kill bald eagles in the process, and pollute the drinking water of neighboring communities. And under the provisions of this act, no member of Congress, no citizen could do anything about it because you waive all judicial review.

The provision in question was a bill(H.R 418) that gave legal immunity to the Secretary of Homeland Security in order to build a fence between us an Mexico. It also forces the states to make driver's license applicants prove their citizenship in order to obtain the license. Good thing there aren't any foreign immigrants working within our country, otherwise they might not get to work. Thanks again republican congress!

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