Monday, April 05, 2010

Just because you're a doctor...

...doesn't make you less of an idiot:

Cassell: Hospice cuts in 2012…Does the government want people to die slowly?
Colmes: Do you really think the government wants people dead?
Cassell: Well I think that they’re cutting all supportive care, like nursing homes, ambulance services…
Colmes: What to you mean they’re cutting nursing homes?
Cassell: They’re cutting nursing home reimbursements
Colmes: Isn’t what they’re cutting under the Medicare plan what was really double dipping; they were getting credits and they were getting to deduct them at the same time.
Cassell: Well you know, I can’t tell you exactly what the deal is.
Colmes: If you can’t tell us exactly what the deal is, why are you opposing it and fighting against it?
Cassell: I’m not the guy who wrote the plan.
Colmes: But if you don’t know what the deal is why are you speaking out against something you don’t know what the deal is?
Cassell: What I get online, just like any other American. What I’m supposed to understand about the bill should be available to me.
Colmes: It is; it’s been online for a long time; it’s also been all over the media…
This was the idiot that thought it was cool to put a sign on his office door telling his patients that he would prefer not to treat them if they support Obama and the recent healthcare bill. Of course this interview with Colmes proves the point, this guy didn't even know what was in the bill. In other words, he was telling his patients not to support something without even knowing what he was against to begin with.

This is one of those things that regularly pisses me off, particularly in the medical community. I don't care if the reason you became a doctor was for the money or to help people or make a difference or whatever, YOU STILL HAVE TO DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!

When I bring my car into a gas station, I don't expect the guy taking my money to turn on the pump to say "y'know you drive one of those hybrid cars and that's not good for my business so I'm not going to allow you to pump gas today." Likewise, it doesn't make any good sense for a person who's job it is to provide medical services to pay me lip service about my political affiliations or my desire to recieve ordinarily sanctioned medical care. If woman is buying birth control, it's not the pharmacists responsibility to tell her about Christ and how pre-marital sex is a sin. If you want to do that, go get a sign and stand outside so that someone that wants that job can do it and make money and be happy. Same goes for these political pariahs. Hey you want to go Gault like Ayn Rand suggests, head for the hills buddy, we won't miss you. And I'm sure the good doctor that replaces you will actually treat his clients with respect.

ALSO: These people are just as uninformed.

Here's the bill and the changes made in reconciliation, just read it. If that's too complicated, here it is all explained for simplicity. There are issues and problems to be sure, but at least READ IT, before you're absolutely positive it's bad for America.

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