Thursday, March 18, 2010

um... Huh?

Heard about this on the radio this morning(emphasis mine):
he chairman of the House Insurance Committee said yesterday that he will start legislative hearings soon to investigate the Ohio Workers' Compensation Council.

"The council has been in place for over two years, it has cost Ohio employers nearly $1 million and it has only completed one bill analysis," said Rep. Dan Dodd, D-Hebron, the panel chairman. "We must review the costs and effectiveness of this council because, in a tough economy, employers must know that their money is being spent appropriately."

The council, meanwhile, met privately for more than two hours last night to address the firings of the entire three-member council staff last month, but it took no action besides creating a committee to "review and develop personnel policies and review the employees of the council."

State Sen. Stephen Buehrer, R-Delta, declined comment on the firings, citing personnel issues and possible litigation.

The two staff attorneys and administrative assistant fired by Director Virginia McInerney have accused McInerney of religious discrimination and harassment, saying she inappropriately brought her religious views into the office. She has denied any wrongdoing.

This is beyond irregular. The comments I heard related to this woman making her employees pray at meetings and judged them based on their religious views and not their work performance. Where do these crazy people come from and wtf is their deal, seriously? You want to be a devout religious practitioner, you go ahead, but when the county pays your salary, you keep that shit at home! And I'm not trying to say that it's not reasonable to live by your views and to practice what you preach. I'm saying that any religion that assumes that everyone else must believe everything the same way and must follow the similar practices of one particular sect is completely batshit crazy in my opinion. If god was that simple, there wouldn't be wars over religion.

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