Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just so you know... Glenn Beck is still an idiot

How could you more accurately offend people?:

Beck defends clause counting blacks as three-fifths of a person

"Do you know who wanted slaves to be counted as a full person?" he asked. "Slave owners."

Josh argued with that assertion, but Beck wouldn't have any of it.

"The reason why they wanted that is because of the balance of power," Beck explained. "The South could control the numbers in Congress. Their representation would go through the roof."

"That’s why," he continued "in the Constitution, African-Americans were deemed three-fifths people, because the Founders wanted to end slavery and they knew if the South could count slaves as full individuals you would never get the control to be able to abolish it."

Beck's interpretation of the motives of the Founding Fathers for writing the three-fifths clause is highly curious, as it did ultimately serve as a key Constitutional justification for establishing African-Americans an unequal and thus holding them as slaves.

His assertion that Founding Fathers cleverly designed the clause to set the stage for the abolition of slavery is also a dubious version of history
Nope. Real history is pretty clear on this one. The Founding Fathers were pretty aware of the economic retribution of abolishing slavery. There intent was to keep a brother down. There's no other way to slice it.

I'm sure Beck will be on air next week telling us that Columbus didn't really kill the peoples of the West Indies for their gold, he did it to save them in the name of Jesus Christ and Cleon Skousen.

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