Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You LIE!

So former President Carter made a statement suggesting that Joe Wilson's comments show that there is still racism in this country. I can't help but disagree, but I think that Wilson's outburst, which broke the House decorum and was definitely out of line, is not so much an example of racism as a continuing example of the loss of simple respect in this country.

I think that racism certainly has a role to play in the current political spectrum, especially given that many of the tea bag protesters and town hall outbursts tend to be directed in that vein. Even still, I think that the core issue is about respect.

No one in this country should believe that they are unable to criticize our elected officials or make protests against entities or events they deem problematic. However, it still stands to reason that peaceful protest is not the same thing as bringing a gun because you can. Civil disobedience is not the same as suggesting that the President is an illegal alien. And shouting in the midst of a formal speech is not only distasteful, it screams of disrespect. Almost more disrespectful were the BS signs and whatnot that many Republican Congressman brought with them to hold in protest. Are we not adults anymore? We have to shame ourselves and our government by holding tiny poorly made signs as some weak attempt at attention?

It's as though Kanye West were Joe Wilson and just as Obama is making his acceptance speech, Joe wants to jump on stage and be a jackass.

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