Friday, September 18, 2009


I really don't know how to say this...

I just clicked on a link at the very liberal blog FirstDraft that pointed to a post a Little Green Footballs. You may remember LGF as being a very very conservative blog that supported the war in Iraq among many terrible policies of the Bush administration. The post referenced even LGF was upset with the overt racism at the 9/12 rally in DC last week. Giving them a bit of the benefit of the doubt, I figured I would see what other posts were on LGF today to make some form of counter point comparison. Well I have to say I'm shocked. Not by the overt conservative tone, but the actual sensible commentary at LGF. Reading down the page I couldn't really find a single post to disagree with. It seems that finally(and maybe I'm just behind on this) finally conservative bloggers have joined reality with the rest of us.

Posted were remarks debunking Glenn Beck and highlighting the same business about Beck's ties to Cleon Skousen. Three posts against creationism and psuedo-science and even a defense for Barack Obama closing down the "missile-shield" in Europe.

Applause friend. Applause. It's good to see that proof is out there. It's not about right or left, it's about the truth.

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