Friday, July 24, 2009

Tired of the Whining

I'm really getting tired of all of the damn whining going on. Before Obama was elected it was Democrats whining that they couldn't get anything accomplished even when they did have a majority of the House. Now the whining seems to be coming from all directions.

People are whining about not being able to find decent work
People are whining about health care
People are whining about the President

Now on the first one there, the gripe has been semi-legitimate. We still live in a recession like period regardless of recent substantial moves upward. People are still not seeing great prosperity because most companies are still in the mode of cut-backs and preventative measures to ensure the existence of the company. There was a great bit on The Sound of Ideas on NPR this morning wherein Al Weatherhead talked about businesses and life as the CEO of a major company. It was a refreshing change from the previous stories about the economy which I typically turn off part way through because I'm sick of the whining. At least this story had a person of respectable experience talking about the issues from the other side of the coin and being fair about how difficult choices made at the top often have a lot more consideration than many at the bottom believe. There was also a lot about being positive. Weatherhead as a book coming out titled: The Power of Adversity: Tough Times Can Make You Stronger, Wiser, and Better. And I think he made some good points and examples of that. We've always been a country that's fought through adversity and made ourselves better for it. It makes me sad that now for too many it seems easier to just give up.

Since I've been sad about posting, I'm going to end that here and pick up on the next button so any comments can be easily separated.

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