Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's always them Jews

It's bullshit bloviating like that that is why Republicans lost huge in the last election:

Chuck Schumer tries to get us to believe that the reason why housing collapsed, the stock market is tanking and the economy has been in a slump for over eight years because of .... you guessed it George Soros.  The evil satan of the new conservative world.  What I find hilarious about this clip is that Harold Ford is trying to tie in the end there the exact point I'm making.  I wish I had the rest of the clip to hear how he backs out of it, but it's a fact.  Republicans lost several elections because they don't understand that people are tired of these fear mongering blame games on people that really have little to no effect on our economy.  George Soros?  Really?  Indy Bank?  Really?  So that whole reality thing just still too big of a pill to swallow eh?  Keep humpin' that tree Chuck.  We like to laugh at guys like you.

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