Thursday, June 19, 2008

All I have to say is YES!

Obama makes a wise decision:

Obama Opts Out of Public Financing for Campaign

With his current "war chest" there's no reason to opt for less money to beat John McCain. I believe whole heartedly in public financed campaigns, but looking at the donor lists, I can't see any problem. Obama's money has come from individuals, hence the public. And not the rich up tight public, folks like you and me and their pennies.

UPDATE: Not to curb my enthusiasm, but just as my boss and this article suggest, this is going against a statement that Obama made a year ago that he would sit down with McCain and decide on public financing. I still feel however that this money is coming from a broad base of grassroots donors. And while this is certainly opportunistic, this money is largely from private Americans and not big corporate donors either, small $5 and 20$ donations. To me this largely reflects a major issue in how campaign financing is viewed, and to this I can only say, if it were up to me, this election wouldn't have even started yet.

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