Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Words from the right

This is so crazy that I just have to show the entire post. It comes from race42008.com which is a forum for republicans to talk about their candidates in an apparent open forum. Even the editor of the sight took issue with repubs at Romney's latest rally:


As the Founder and Managing Editor of R4′08, I have always made it my goal that no matter who I personally support, I would always strive to provide equal, balanced, and fair coverage to all of the Republican candidates. And although our staff roster has changed throughout our existence, I have always been outnumbered by writers who support candidates other than the one I do- and always by a significant margin.

That has always been OK with me. After all, my mission in founding R4′08 was “ to create a forum for conservatives of different stripes to share their opinions and preferences regarding the race for the 2008 Republican nomination and ultimately the 2008 general election.

It has also been my solemn vow to follow the Eleventh Commandment to the best of my ability- and in that I feel that I have succeeded as well as any other human being could have. I am very proud that I have never stooped to slandering any candidate that could have ended the race as my Party’s nominee for President. I also pledged to work as hard as I could to help whomever won our Party’s nomination win in November.

So in the spirit of fairness and balance, and wearing my “Editor” hat instead of my “backer of a candidate hat”, I ventured out this evening to attend Gov. Romney’s rally in Edina, MN. After all of the miles I put on my car in the past two years venturing across the Midwest to file Field Reports for the site, how could I possibly justify skipping Gov. Romney’s rally the Saturday before the caucuses in my very own state?

My warm feelings of party unity and non-partisanship were quite-short lived unfortunately, as this is the very first thing that people saw as they entered the event:

Your eyes are not deceiving you… When you walked into the event this evening, it’s phone banks to the right, the stage to your left, and this lady straight ahead.

So we have now reached the point of the complete Coulterization of discourse from Sen. McCain’s opponents. It is no longer a simple matter of disagreement on policy-it’s Treason.

Because Sen. McCain has a different position on Immigration than Gov. Romney’s current one, it is apparently totally within bounds to throw Sen. McCain’s valiant, honorable, and costly service to our nation in the trash and equate him with the greatest traitor in American History.

I no longer recognize my party. This is not my Republican Party-the party of Ronald Reagan and his beloved Eleventh Commandment. We are now no better than the Nutroots of the Left and their scorched Earth, slash and burn tactics-the politics of absolute and utter destruction.

So there is no Field Report folks. I turned my head in shame and went home.

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