Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Michael Savage is an idiot too

This come from Media Matters.
On the February 1 broadcast of The Savage Nation, host Michael Savage stated:

Do you realize that this is, or can be seen as, the first affirmative action election in American history? Let me repeat that again. We have a woman and a multi-ethnic man running for office on the Democrat side. Is this not akin to an affirmative action election? Isn't that why the libs are hysterical, tripping over themselves to say amen and yes to this affirmative election vote? In many ways you could say this election is about the mandate called affirmative action, and I can predict right now they're gonna lose because when the American people themselves have been able to vote for or against affirmative action, as most recently they did on a ballot initiative in very liberal Michigan, they voted against affirmative action.

You understand what I just said to you? The American people haven't been heard from yet. This is all staged, it's all stooges, it's all controlled by the parties, the people have not yet been heard from. When they are heard from, the affirmative action ticket goes down in flames. You can mark this down, you can mark this down. Mark it in bronze. Mark it in bronze they lose. I don't really care who's gonna be on the other side, they win. America's not ready for an affirmative action presidency. I stand by those words.

I wonder, does Michael Savage realize how prejudiced his remarks are? We're not talking about a campaign wherein fifty people said they want to be prez and the democrats whittled that down to a woman and a black man along with a few other white guys because of affirmative action. We're talking about a primary race wherein the most acceptable candidates from the votes of people are a woman and a black man. Is that so hard for Savage to accept? Is he afraid that white men will somehow lose all control? What a bunch of fucking rejects! I wish that every man or woman that still held on to the racism and bigotry of years past would just get together and build a time machine. Then they could go back to the 50s and see how shitty everything really was and rot there. I'm so sick of this. It's 2008 people. Can you give this shit up already!??!

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