Monday, October 01, 2007


Are you serious?!? I mean first, you're a white guy. Second, you're a privileged white guy. And third, you clearly don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Racism at the townhall:

Those who want to discredit the United States and to deny our role as history’s most powerful and pre-eminent force for freedom, goodness and human dignity invariably focus on America’s bloody past as a slave-holding nation. Along with the displacement and mistreatment of Native Americans, the enslavement of literally millions of Africans counts as one of our two founding crimes—and an obvious rebuttal to any claims that this Republic truly represents “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” According to America-bashers at home and abroad, open-minded students of our history ought to feel more guilt than pride, and strive for “reparations” or other restitution to overcome the nation’s uniquely cruel, racist and rapacious legacy.

Unfortunately, the current mania for exaggerating America’s culpability for the horrors of slavery bears no more connection to reality than the old, discredited tendency to deny that the U.S. bore any blame at all. No, it’s not true that the “peculiar institution” featured kind-hearted, paternalistic masters and happy, dancing field-hands, any more than it’s true that America displayed unparalleled barbarity or enjoyed disproportionate benefit from kidnapping and exploiting innocent Africans.

You can read his rationale if you'd like, but it's a crock of shit and I won't post it. Clearly we have race issues in America and much of it stems from the fact that regardless of examples elsewhere in the world, slavery in the United States caused a backlash that we continue to struggle with and probably will for a long time. It's not that slavery was invented here Mr. Medved, no one claims that ... ever. It's not important that slavery only existed for a "paltry" 38% of our country's existence. Nor was it less of a problem because not all southerners practiced slavery. It wasn't possibilities of genocide or grand wealth for the nation. It was the fact that in a country where human rights were championed as the reason for it's existence an entire race of people were considered less than a person. You can give us "special credit" Mr. Medved for abolishing slavery so quickly, but you can't take back the FACT that many areas of the country were still largely unfair to blacks well into the 60s and even today racism is widely rampant in many communities. And you're so right to claim that no one can prove that African-Americans would have been better off had they stayed in Africa, but that doesn't excuse you for still being a racist fuck who just can't understand why those black kids don't like you very much. The stupid stupid people that consider themselves knowledgeable in this day and age. It's no wonder our President is a fucking moron.

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