Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Juan Cole

Paul Bremer, the former US viceroy of Iraq, shot back Tuesday when Bush alleged that he had not known that he intended to disband the Iraqi army. Bremer shared a letter he sent to then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announcing his intention to disband the army, along with Bush's reply praising his leadership. Bush's reply, however, does not prove that he read Bremer's letter, only that Rumsfeld passed it on to him. You have a sense that Bush gets a lot of memos he doesn't read, in response to which he pats people on the head and names them Turtle Poo. The real question, on which Bremer has never come clean, is who ordered him to disband the Iraqi army. It wasn't Bush. Was it Cheney? I guess they don't bother to tell George everything.

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