Wednesday, September 05, 2007

John Edwards

We need more of this:

Now that another legislative showdown over Iraq is looming, John Edwards is returning to a theme that early on animated his campaign: The insistence that Congress stand its ground against the White House and force an end to the war.

On a conference call just now with reporters, John Edwards reiterated that message, this time in light of the upcoming reports from the White House and General Petraeus. He delivered a simple message: If Congress can't get an Iraq funding bill with withdrawal timetables into law, it shouldn't pass one at all.

"It’s time for Congress to stand its ground," Edwards said on the call, as transcribed by TPM's Eric Kleefeld. "If there’s no timetable, then Congress should not submit a bill."

Edwards' move comes as some analysts have argued that its critical for him to show some sort of dramatic improvement in the polls soon. A return to the theme that successfully drove his campaign early on could provide a needed boost -- and help pull the the Iraq debate to the "left" in the Dem primary, as he did earlier in the race.

With an eye on the coming Iraq showdown, Edwards has launched a drive to raise money to run this full page ad in Roll Call, where every member of Congress will see it:

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