Monday, July 02, 2007

Stupid Dogs Tricks

More about Romney's dog
Romney said, "sometimes when the stories come out in the media they don't quite get it accurate. The kennel that my family pet used to ride in is enclosed. It's not an open aired kennel. It's enclosed and there are air vents of course at the back. My family pet used to climb up there and lie down on his own. And we love our family pets. Have always loved our family pets. And have nothing but honor and pride in taking care of great dogs. We've had quite a few."

I'm just going to parse this for a sec... Not an open aired kennel, okay I can almost get the used to climb up there and lie down on his own. Wait, that can't be right. How many Irish setters do you know that like to climb to the roof of your car for a quick nap. And being the family man that Mitt claims, I doubt we're talking about a four door sedan, probably an SUV or wagon type vehicle. Just doesn't make sense. Also, as others have commented, an enclosed kennel on the roof of the car would be an oven in the heat, particularly with a "windshield" installed in the front covering up the front vent holes. Also yeah, his weird way of calling the beast a "family pet" and not using it's name like most people do when referring to pets is kind of creepy.

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