Monday, July 02, 2007

Can we really trust these people?

ABC news

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on Monday played down a report that al Qaeda was planning a spectacular attack on the United States, saying there was no credible information about an imminent threat.

As British police investigated two failed car bombs in London and a fiery attack on Glasgow's airport by a fuel-filled vehicle, U.S. officials tightened security at transport hubs without raising the country's overall alert level.

"We do not currently have any specific threat information that is credible about a particular attack on the United States," Chertoff told Fox News.

ABC News, quoting a senior U.S. official, said on Sunday a secret law enforcement report prepared for the Department of Homeland Security warned that al Qaeda planned to carry out a spectacular attack this summer.

No specific piece of evidence told us that 9/11 would happen either, but several things pointed it out well before hand. Can we believe that Chertoff is investigating this to it's fullest?

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