Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Apparently he's a Beagle or something:

Blair ain't my poodle says Bush

June 27, 2007

PRESIDENT George Bush urged Tony Blair to STAY in power until he quit the White House.

The US leader tried to persuade the PM to complete a full term in office so they could leave power together.

President Bush told The Sun in a world exclusive interview: “Tony’s had a great run and history will judge him kindly. He’s a very talented man, for whom I’ve got a great deal of respect.

“I selfishly said to him, ‘I hope you can stay out my term!’

“But Tony has been very gracious about Gordon Brown to me.”

Mr Bush joked of the new Premier: “Gordon came here and he wasn’t the image of the dour Scotsman at all! He was relaxed. It was a good meeting.”

His remarks are included along with personal recollections of Mr Blair by world leaders, showbiz stars and friends.

Mr Bush said Mr Blair is blessed with a world-class ability to communicate. He went on: “Tony’s great skill, and I wish I had it, is that he’s very articulate.

“I wish I was a better speaker. This guy can really . . . he can talk.

“He’s given some really good speeches here on US soil. He’s a very good writer, obviously, and a very good speaker too.

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