Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well I meant to get to this a lot sooner, but blogger isn't so convenient with archives sometimes. I wanted to repost the several things that Ligit contributed to this blog, but since I couldn't figure it out, here are links to each of her posts. She also contributed in comments often and was a welcome voice to this page. As many of you know Ligit Gill left us a little over a week ago. A wonderful service in her honor was held this past Sunday. Just a glance at her posts gives us a brief glimpse at the depth of this beautiful person. Just as her son said in her Eulogy, "if you never knew Ligit, I'm sorry."

What's the dope on the Pope?

I Just Don't Get Fox TV

Need More Protection Than a Tin Foil Hat

Explain Convenient Racism

Monkeys are really creepy.

Fess Up

Comments like these will surely be missed. Goodbye Ligit, this is the best I think I could do.

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