Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My apologies to Ligit

So this is sort of funny. I got a new cell phone the other day and I've got internet service free for a month so I figure, now's the time to use it. So I pop on my Yahoo acount and I realize that I've got Yahoo Messenger messages that I've never read from like February! So I'm an idiot, I barely use messenger services, not because I don't love chatting, but mostly because I'm online at work and well I don't like to close the window everytime the conversation starts getting good(wink wink). Well anyways, I got a message for someone to add me to their friends list(I don't know who that was, but I think I accepted the invite yesterday) and Ligit asked if she could use some of my comments on Bush in an email to a friend. So my apologies Ligit, I would've given you permission in a heartbeat. So here's the blanket usage agreement for this blog:

The material contained on this blog is a compilation of various free services on the internet. If there is no intent to profit from material off of this site, any and all content may be used to show up friends, burst the bubble of your enemies, enlighten a few strangers or any and all necessary or whimsical application for any purpose as long as the spirit of the content is kept intact.

Sorry again for missing that one Ligit, I hope that you were still able to prove the Bush and Co. are the second worse thing to ever happen to modern America(the first of course being Rupert Murdoch and Fox news).

UPDATE: It appears I'm even more pig headed than I thought. The request from Ligit was to invite someone to the blog. Well this is another blanket note: Anyone that wants to comment to this blog is welcome. The blog is setup to allow anyone on the internet to comment anonymously or if you want an actual blogger screen name, you can create an id at and comment using that. If someone wants to actually post topics(the list of current contributors is on the left) I have to send out an invite, which I'm more than willing to do provided that person can be vouched for by a current member of the blog or I meet them in person. Ligit I just sent you an email to clarify if you want Brad to be able to post topics, you certainly qualify to vouch for anyone to become a member of this blog.

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