Wednesday, July 13, 2005


From BBC thanks to Juan Cole:

Detectives believe three British men of Pakistani descent died carrying out the first attacks of their kind in the UK.

A fourth bomber, from Leeds, has been identified by police. No further details have been released.

One man was arrested in West Yorkshire, where three of the suspects, yet to be officially named, were from.

Terrorism experts say the men may have been guided by a "controlling hand".

Police believe two of the suspects died in the blasts at Aldgate/Liverpool Street and Edgware Road Tube stations, while a third died on the Number 30 bus at Tavistock Square, and the fourth at King's Cross.

Police are also trying to find the source of explosives found on Tuesday in a raid on a property in Leeds and in a car parked at Luton Central railway station.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has said another bomb attack is "likely" and there are fears that a second suicide bomb gang may be preparing to strike.

The attacks in the morning rush-hour last Thursday killed at least 52 people, and injured more than 700.

Scotland Yard on Wednesday named six more victims of the bombs, bringing the total of identified bodies to 11.

Police sources told the BBC they had not recovered any timing devices from the bomb scenes, possibly indicating that detonation was by hand.

They are also investigating the theory that the bus bomb may initially have been targeted at the Northern Line, which on Thursday morning had been closed because of a defective train.

A relative of one of the West Yorkshire suspects was arrested and taken to London for questioning.

It emerged that relatives of one of the men - Hasib Hussain - had reported him missing last Thursday.

Police sources told the BBC that the 19-year-old was on the Number 30 bus.

One of the police raids - in the Beeston area - was on the home of 22-year-old Shehzad Tanweer, who has not been seen for a few days.

One local resident described him as "a nice lad".


A third man was named by newspapers as Mohammed Sadique Khan, 30.

On Monday night, police had viewed CCTV footage of the four suspects together at London King's Cross last Thursday.

All had rucksacks and were seen 20 minutes before the three Tube bombs started going off at 0851 BST. The bus bomb went off at 0947 BST.

Three of the men had travelled to Luton from Leeds by car, before catching a Thameslink train to London. They were joined at Luton by a fourth man, believed to have driven to the Bedfordshire town.

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