Friday, June 24, 2005

Someone's been taking the stupid bus to tiny town

Well read it and weep. This is the grand legislation that has taken Congress by a storm. We don't need to worry about Iraq getting worse everyday, or the outrageous scandals of the majority party. Hell it's not even important that the Supreme Court has decided to keep it's strong ties with business leaders by endorsing imminent domain. No the most important thing is the continued bashing of our basic American rights by a bunch of uptight effete assholes that are afraid of criticism. This flag burning bill not only undermines the basic methods of flag disposal. There's more than that though. Read the bill, it's designed to shut down criticism and penalize it with jail time. Let's wake up and smell the coffee folks, jailing people doesn't solve problems. Criminalization of things people are going to do regardless is stupid. Especially when they harm no one in the process. Beyond that, John Stewart said it right mentioning that U.S. citizens aren't likely to burn a flag, people overseas are, and this legislation seems to make it possible to detain foreigners in other countries burning our flag. Note on the definition of what a "Flag of the United States" is. It's rediculous. And again how much is too far? Do we really have the funding to capture and detain flag burners in a tanking economy that's concerned that it's young men are fighting for something that even the administration can't put a finger on?

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