Friday, May 06, 2005

Proof? Is it worth anything?

From Salon:"A secret memo publicized in Britain confirms the lies on which Bush based his Iraq policy. Why has it received so little notice in the U.S. press?b>By Joe Conason

May 6, 2005

Are Americans so jaded about the deceptions perpetrated by our own government to lead us into war in Iraq that we are no longer interested in fresh and damning evidence of those lies? Or are the editors and producers who oversee the American news industry simply too timid to report that proof on the evening broadcasts and front pages?

There is a "smoking memo" that confirms the worst assumptions about the Bush administration's Iraq policy, but although that memo generated huge pre-election headlines in Britain, its existence has hardly been mentioned here."

As much as I'd love to have U.S. reporters writing about this "discovery", it's something we've all known and had enough evidence from just the administrations themselves. The problem with the U.S. right now, is not that we aren't interested in proof of the lies, Americans just don't care about destroying Bush anymore. He's gotten them too scared worrying about their social security benefits.

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