Friday, May 06, 2005

Good Ol' Boys

Apparently a Baptist church in North Carolina just excommunicated all of it's democrats.
LinkThu May-05-05 07:42 PM
Original messageEast Waynesville Baptist Church in NC expells all Dem members. My Mom just emailed me the news. There's no link yet.

She said WLOS tv just broke in to report that the East Waynesville Baptist church has officially excommunicated all its democratic members.

She said that before the election, the preacher told the congregation from the pulpit that if they didn't vote for * they had to come to the altar to confess their sins and repent. they could'nt be members. (My Mom doesn't attend that church--she's United Methodist, but I know of lots who do attend).

From Mom's email: "One of the local women who got excommunicated said on TV that it was like a cult. Another man who got excommunicated said that the rest of the congregation stood up and applauded as the Democrats were told to leave."

Okay, I'm officially freaked out.


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