Tuesday, September 14, 2010

republican vs. democrat

So far this upcoming election will be a battle between two parties and a third degenerate party.

Of the two, the big differences seem to be that Republicans are trying to sell the plan of taking their ball and going home, while the Democrats are trying to prove that bowing to the right on every single issue in the past 15 years deserves them the right to continue whining that they'd really like to make some progressive change, but "it just isn't fair".

On the third, a bunch of Republicans are going to dress up in tri-cornered hats, claim they understand the Constitution, claim they side with Libertarians and hopefully knock it out of the park for a few useless House members that will vote with Republicans to stifle any good plans with more rabble rousing about gays and abortions.

In short, Americans this November will decide between dumb, dumber, and Glenn Beck AKA the dumbest.

oh and when it's all over, we still won't have a decent jobs bill, Congress will still lie to destroy social security and the top ten percent of the nation will continue to pretend that it's just too hard to make money with all these taxes getting in the way.

Maybe I will just move to Canada.

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Kate said...

Thanks for the downer, Mr. Ray of Sunshine!