Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura is OUT!

No not that kind of out, but she's "quitting" her radio show thanks to backlash from her recent rant about the "N" word. Ok, I listened to the tape of that program and this lady does not even understand why she was being racist. It was her contention to make a woman who had a legitimate issue seem like a woman that didn't know how good she had it. This poor lady was talking about how she married a white man and sometimes his friends would make insensitive comments. Rather than try to explain that ignorance sometimes causes people to make stupid comments and moreso, that sometimes the familiarity of someone like your friend's spouse seemingly gives you the right to speak out of turn. Unfortunately sometimes honesty like that proves that you're also racist. So Dr. Laura could've taken this opportunity to help this woman approach that topic in a productive way for herself and the originator of any foolish comments, but instead she went on a rant about how when she says "nigger" it's racist, but when black people say it, it's ok.

Look I know a lot of black people. I know some black people that say that word all the time, I also know quite a few that don't because they find it derogatory coming from anyone's mouth. But as a privileged white lady on a radio talk show where you're depicted as a doctor, you should have a little more understanding of an issue like that.

So she's of course claiming she was utilizing her freedom of speech, that's fine, so long as I never feel the need to hear her speak on the radio again. I'm fine with that.

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