Friday, August 06, 2010


Haven't pulled from here in awhile, but I read this page daily. The idea is the media's usage of imagery to sell their story often in spite of what the background context of the actual photo.

Here's one from today:

As noted on Bagnews, the article content here is garbage. It suggests that the President is sad and alone even on his birthday as support wains for this administration. Well this photo was taken a year ago. And the President is actually carrying cupcakes to Helen Thomas(you remember her right, the White House correspondent that retired just recently?). Turns out, Helen and Barack have the same birthday and last year the President decided to surprise her with a cupcake. The expression on his face is one of focus, he's trying not to drop the cupcakes or let the candle go out.

Once again, the media uses the ignorance of the reader to combine their agenda with assumed reality.

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