Thursday, April 29, 2010


Nope, not that kind of jobs, Steve Jobs...

He wrote a letter on his reasoning for not allowing flash to work on any new Apple hardware. The reasons are pretty much bullshit, but please read the letter and you can see that my comments are pretty much in line with everyone else's. Clearly Jobs is trying to enforce that he's for open development and advancement while pretty much saying at the same time that if you don't play the game Apple has invented that you pretty much lost the battle.

At the end of the day, Adobe will continue with its CS5 launch and I'm quite sure web developers will continue to use Flash when applicable. As for Apple, it will continue pretty much as it has for the past... what 20 years now? Innovation inside of a tightly secured bubble and any release before it's time will lead to defamation and brutality.

It's like Jon Stewart said last night.... Microsoft was supposed to be the bad guys in technology, Apple is proving it's just as much an evil corporation if not more so with it's new found mobile successes.

My final word on it.... if manufacturers want to continue to battle for supremacy rather than just play nice in the sandbox with the other kids, gnu software will eventually win in the end. That or we'll all stop playing with shiny things and go back to watching the human entertainers. I hear that juggling fella has quite a knack with his balls.

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