Friday, March 19, 2010

More on Morals

And that these people don't have any.


E.Pollarine said...

Pretty deplorable content there- especially the 11 year old article they linked to.

However it was this mans choice to go down there and he should have known that he would come under some harsh scrutiny. Not the treatment he deserved don't get me wrong- no that's not what I am saying at all, but there seems to be this idea that when people who have these sympathetic causes go to confront opposition that everyone should fall in line and show some decency- and that's just not the way humans work. There are always those that have limited compassion, it's like I say- show me someone without mercy and I'll show you someone without hurt.

So maybe the ass that threw dollar bills at the man shouldn't have acted as such, well, OK, he shouldn't have- but that doesn't mean he was wrong for voicing his opinion on at a rally, against the healthcare bill. Should he have done it in a more civil way- yes, absolutely- but the same things can be said about anarchists rioting in Seattle a few years back , or anti war protesters from Berkley- the pink people - who would disrupt major events and such.

I think the problem is with society-on a whole - not with individuals, because they will always be around, those that have had more than others or those that are given more than others, but society in general seems to be at a point, where civility is a last resort instead of the first inkling.

Dr 4LOM said...

Well I don't disagree so much with your stance, however, the reason I posted this was it reflects yet another example of how shallow people like Malkin and Limbaugh are, yeah I know big surprise there. But the thing that's getting to me lately about these talk show and radio hosts is that they fuel ignorance. They make people say "Yeah they'd of died anyways you tell 'em Rush" and somehow feel justified in their contempt for people in need. And what's probably the saddest thing about these people is they are likely people in need. It goes toward an understanding of politics I will never get to. How it is that rural, middle to lower class people follow these assholes like heroes and by proxy reach the point where they are chastising someone with a legitimate problem that they don't understand and will never understand because their hero makes fun of people like this. Makes fun of poor and sick people and makes money doing it every day. Do we have a problem with out society? Hell Yeah we do.