Friday, March 26, 2010

I gotta throw out a "what digby said"

They know that serious violence is very likely. They are simply inoculating themselves against the charge that it was their inflammatory rhetoric that caused it. It will be the Democrats complaining about their inflammatory rhetoric that made the teabaggers snap. If they'd just stayed quiet and not made daddy mad, he wouldn't have had to hit them.

The only thing these people should be doing is calming down their crazies. Instead they're ginning them up. Heckuva job.

Yeah I really couldn't agree more. Say anything you want about the recent threats and violence from the Tea Bag arena, there's no way to argue that folks like Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh along with practically the entire Fox news team have done nothing but stoke this fire. They want this because it makes news, they don't care who's hurt or killed in the exchange. This isn't journalism or opinuary commentary, it's basically insighting a riot.

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