Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Care?

So the bill is passed and waiting just a few formalities, the President signing it an the like. I have to say I have two big problems and two big STFUs as my commentary on this.

Problem #1: Obama's anti-choice Presidential order. This is not just a bad compromise, this is the most anti-liberal choice that Obama has made in this process. If studies are correct and this "no gub'mint monies for killing babies evah!" creates a precedent to eliminate abortion coverage on private plans as well, this will be a huge blow to reproductive rights. If you're a woman, I would take this time to tell the President and your Congressmen to leave your uterus alone.

Problem #2: Mandated health insurance. I've raised this issue before and it's still a reasonable complaint. With zero actual public option and no single payer system to make up for it, what we have here is a mandate without clear proof that people are going to be able to afford decent coverage through these exchanges. What this will result in remains to be seen, but a public option was the expected result from any liberal that voted for this administration with concerns about healthcare. That we got something, but not that isn't really a victory so much as the expected result of painting a moderate with liberal colors, he's still a moderate President. Sorry Glen Beck.

Everyone bitching that this is the most over reaching the government has ever done or some other such nonsense about this destroying America, you can go to hell. This bill didn't go any further than previous legislation. If the CBO is correct this bill will reduce the deficit in the long run and hopefully result in less bullshit from the insurance companies. Bottom line, this bill doesn't change your freedom, doesn't eliminate your guns and doesn't take away your right to call the President some racist slur because you're a sad sad person that listens to Rush Limbaugh.

Anyone in government or working as a media spokesperson or pundit on teevee or anything that brings up the idea that the reasonable parliamentary procedures that passed this bill were somehow ramming something down any orifice or some other such nonsense, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Nothing done here was new or different or even something to be concerned about. These procedures have been available for just about ever and have yet to cause any problem other than letting the majority get work done. It's very easy to complain that the government doesn't do anything right by ensuring that they don't do anything. That's been the stance of Republicans in both houses and it's just as bullshit as it was when Newt was Speaker. Obstructive politics just make constituents confused. If you don't like the majority's plan come up with another and don't tell me that in the 20 years health care has been in debate that you didn't come up with an alternative plan and you need to "start over". Most of us don't get that luxury and neither does the minority party of whiners.

I'm not happy with this bill, but there are a lot of things that will make things better. If this prevents people from being dumped for no reason or sick people not being able to get insurance or women being charge more than men, etc, etc, then we all need to let that progress happen and make some better changes.


E.Pollarine said...

Reply Reply-

I am in agreement with you on almost all of this-

Problem #1 - this is ridiculous, in this day and age that we still have any sort of debate on a womans right to choose. This is the only logical answer- women are the ones having the baby, women are the ones carrying the baby and, for the most part, women should know whether or not they are able to keep the baby-

regardless of your religious belief system, it is not your job nor is it your duty to proselytize to people who do not believe in the same thing, these so called pro life Christian lawmakers make me sick- keep it simple stupid keep God out of the law. they are no better than suicide bombers.

Problem #2 YES - this is horrible, there should never be a chance for government to intervene and tell me what to purchase ever- EVER- especially when it comes to something as , well, life altering as Health Insurance, this stands as the greatest swindle since the bailout of Fannie and Freddie/ AIG etc. etc. FUCK THAT - I am not doing it- I am not paying the federal government 395 and or 2% of my income, or the next year when it jumps up to 695 or 2.5% of my income- FUCK THIS AND IT'S NOT RIGHT.

The health care reform bill tells insurance companies you can't exclude because of this- because WE gave you all of this - look at all 346 million new customers - that's insanity- public option or no option should have been the mantra-

Dr 4LOM said...

Yeah, just like my post awhile ago about car insurance, the mandate to purchase is a dubious government tactic. Insurance companies should be making their product desirable to customers. If insurance is necessary, prove it! Make costs worthwhile and keep premiums at a reasonable level despite rising healthcare costs. Those companies should be pushing the providers to give them better rates. Now they have zero incentive to push for lower costs for their customers. Those customers HAVE to buy. It's a sad state of affairs for sure.

E.Pollarine said...

did you see the stock prices of the Insurance companies today after the bill was signed into law? yeah - progress.

now close to 14 states have signed on to a lawsuit stating that the bill is unconstitutional-really- no the mandates are, the bill is not. They are almost all republican attorney generals, it's a shame that we have to politicize the whole, and not the parts that don't make sense. This is a fucking meticulous and contrived plot to undermine a president, there has never been a republican party that worked to dislodge a sitting democratic president ever. Even Clinton got off easy compared to this- and I dislike Obama immensely.