Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More "revelations"

To be fair a good bit of this list is relatively new information, and phrased this way does put a pretty negative spin on our efforts to combat terror. It should be noted that a good bit of this is speculation. What worries me is that Obama seemingly is trying to solve this mess, but he's playing in the same sandbox(no pun intended) and that may not be such an easy game.

The blackwater business gets to me the most. I respect the Iraqis for taking action on this, and kudos to Rep. Jan Schakowski (D-Ill.) for bringing forth a bill to stop using these mercenaries. Still with the military stretched as it is, it's not going to be easy to eliminate them entirely. I think the bigger issue is enforcing out laws in conjunction with international treaties. If these highly paid mercenaries can't follow the law, then they deserved to be put on trial for it. It has to be proven whether this is a few bad apples or an administration problem. And if it's normal operating procedure to side step the law to get the job done, it deserves to be questioned why.

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