Friday, November 20, 2009

Victim blaming BS

I have to agree with the ladies over at this article by Julia O'Malley is just disgusting.

The article is basically about recent incidents of women possibly being drugged at bars and taken advantage of. Sounds like she's just spreading awareness right? Just letting people know this isn't just an urban myth right? Well that would be a great thing if that were the case, but instead O'Malley feels it necessary to remind all the pretty ladies out there that the solution to the problem is in their hands:
When we aren't aware of our surroundings, when we're obviously intoxicated, we become targets. That happens all the time, usually not because of a mystery drugger, but because of alcohol. For most of us, alcohol intake is something we can control.

We should all keep an eye on our drinks. We shouldn't leave them when we go out to smoke or head to the dance floor. It's possible someone could slip us something.

But in a world where men still regularly prey on women, what is most likely to keep us safe is keeping an eye on how much we drink in the first place.
Did you hear that ladies? Don't you go out and have a good time, that's for the men folk to be doin'. You should be minding your Ps and Qs in public so you don't get tipsy and become prey. Because society shouldn't be making stronger laws and putting pressure on bar owners to bounce sexual predators, it's up to women to not drink so much. tee hee. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw Veronica! That is the biggest piece of bullshit since telling women if they didn't dress so slutty they wouldn't get raped! Wake the fuck up people! The problem is not the victim's fault! The problem is news reports that suggest that very thing and give a pass to the predator who just can't control himself. Men have penises you see and they have to use them. If no pretty ladies want to partake, they just have to be violent and abusive. Fuck that shit! This is atrocious, especially coming from a woman.

Oh and just to add to that... this business with the hosts of The View joking about rape falls right in line with how sad we've become in addressing the rape culture of our society.

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