Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I don't feel like wiggling

One day the people of Connecticut will realize that Joe Lieberman only cares about one thing: Joe Lieberman.

I think the House bill is a piece of shit because it bends the nation's will to the desires of the insurance companies. Droopy dog Joe Lieberman thinks it doesn't bend enough.

And one more thing I want to say about this debate since I haven't posted much on it recently...
If the Democrats in both houses would just realize that this needs to be fixed and now, if they would realize that the Republicans aren't going to respect anything they put up anyways, and if they would just grow a pair and push a good progressive bill through, America would support their efforts even if they failed miserably. The fact is, health care in the United States is bullshit. If you have money or a decent job, you get health care. If you don't, you get to do without. I personally have avoided hospitals at all costs and I HAVE insurance. I avoid treatment though because even with insurance the costs are astronomical. Our system is built on pharmaceutical companies making as much money as they want. It's not about doctor's losing their salaries or nurses not having jobs, it's about the Insurance industry and it's pal Big Pharma raping us on a daily basis so they can make teevee commercials promoting erections for flaccid old people.

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E.Pollarine said...

The House bill fixes nothing-it's just an attempt to pacify the progressive base, which it invariably fails to do. Anyone with half a brain that lives in the Conn. should be able to see that old Joe bought the last election. It's just rediculous that the majority of this country have become a bunch of horrific passified baby's.