Friday, September 04, 2009

We're talking about the President of the United States?!?!?

This is probably the most outrageous thing in the hatred attacks on the President of the United States:
Some schools won't show President Obama's online speech to the nation's students Tuesday because of the objections of administrators and parents.
Independence, Mo., School District Superintendent Jim Hinson says he's gotten "more calls than we've ever had on an issue," some from parents who will keep their children home Tuesday.

Obama will challenge students "to work hard, stay in school and dramatically reduce the dropout rate" in the noon ET speech, says White House spokesman Tommy Vietor. "This isn't a policy speech."

Lesson plans sent to schools originally suggested that students write letters to themselves "about what they can do to help the president." That language prompted conservative radio host Glenn Beck to say the White House goal is the "indoctrination" of children.

This week, the wording was changed to suggest that students' letters focus on ways to achieve their educational goals, Vietor says. The speech will be posted online Monday, he says.
I don't know what bothers me more, that people actually think the President speaking to their children is in any way a bad thing or that the White House is lame enough to actually listen to Glenn Beck.

This is the President of the United States! He's the leader of the free world! Give me one other President in the history of this country that has been criticized for and like in this case actually being prevented from having a speech that speaks to the nation's youth. We have an educated man with a great self image who wants to inspire young minds to grow and stay in school. But no wait! He's a socialist/fascist black guy who's trying to take away insurance companies and tea bags and he's going to tell our children to start preparing now to rise up and accept teh might communism! Gimme a fuckin' break!

Any person that truly believes that the President of the United States will harm their children by speaking to them en masse should just go right ahead and march on Washington. Go on down there. Bring your AR-15 and all your friends and walk right up to the White House and demand that Barack Obama be strung up in the courtyard. Maybe then you'll all be gunned down by the secret service already. Grow up! Join the rest of the world! If you don't like our President, move to Mexico.

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Kate said...

I'm speechless about this issue. I can't even fathom that there are people so ignorant living amongst us. Since when has a Presidential address to school children - one which encourages education and fundamental values - become a political battle? It's the conservative right who is afraid of their kids coming home and saying, "I want to be just like President Obama when I grow up". Those words strung together would send chills up the bible-belt mindset, because God forbid their child should have a sensible role model to look up to!