Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I guess I've decided that it's worth my time to explore a little rant I just can't quite swallow.

Y'know when I started this thing as a political forum for friends, my intention was that there would be a fair exchange of ideas and an overall understanding that the best facts and the best insight would lead to a simple agreement or an agreement to disagree. Back then and since then there's been a lot of very lively commentary from many viewpoints. Our media likes to put these arguments into two categories. Childish though that may be, tonight I came upon a realistic understanding.

People who follow the conservative angle are more apt to just continue with the bullshit they hear rather that actually consider what their saying while people who tend towards a more liberal perspective are usually cautioned in their approach as they have concern that their words may over step their opinion and be misjudged.

Of course this is a biased statement because right now I'm seriously pissed off at a couple of very conservative bullshit things. I caution tying the word conservative to these things, because what they really represent is hate filled lie based rhetoric designed to instill fear, push ill informed people to make poor decisions and lead assholes to bring guns to Presidential rallys "because it's legal".

I might as well start with that one, because it really does piss me off. We finally have a President willing to allow protesters to have their say in any forum they decide. Whether it be in ludicrous outbursts at a town hall meeting about a serious topic or idiots who want to paint mustaches on pictures to show how teh fuhrer the President looks. We've reached the level of childhood mockery folks. First we had an all growed up child as Preznit and now we have a respectable man with a clear and simple vision, whether you agree with it or not, and instead of posing real debate , instead of actually looking at the policies in question and making a stance, we're going to have a pissing contest over who can bash the President better. "I can bring an AR-15 and strap it over my shoulder so I make it on prime time news". "I can call the President's policies Nazi based so that a gay Senator can call me a moron." "I can claim my America is being stolen from me because I'm a racist fuck who can't deal with it."

All of this shit makes me fucking sick. I made fun of George Bush and I made a lot of comments against his positions. I never ever threatened his life, compared him to a Nazi dictator, nor said anything about him that wasn't fair criticism of the facts presented in that day. The people who legitimately have issues with Obama's policies(and I'm one of them, I'll say that now) should bring those concerns to the table and make their points heard. These fucking assholes that think that shouting lies about death panels helps anyone at all need to go hide their heads back into the sand.

It's not about liking or disliking the President or Congress or the government, it's about respect. You can express your feelings tastefully, hell you can express your hate tastefully. Call Obama a socialist and I'm going to call you a liar. And if you can't accept that, then your an ignorant fool that doesn't understand what socialism is. Or more pathetic, you don't realize the difference between fascism and patriotism. Patriotism has an individual voice, and treason isn't part of it.

Go ahead and wave the banner of Timothy McVeigh. I'd like to see you thrown into the prison camps you're so for sure are being built every day. Keep those tin foil hats on morons, one day the magic con-fairy will give you all Xboxes and sacs of money for pulling up your boot straps. It's such a hard thing to get those darn boots on.

I've said I was sad to be an American during much of Bush's terms because of the clear hatred for our perspective as a nation. Now I feel sad that you're also Americans. Because we'd be a much better, more progressive and productive nation if instead of spreading lies and fear we actually heard the good policy that can come from a conservative agenda.

Death Panels? Guns? We're talking about health care! WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY! THIS IS SOMETHING WE NEED TO FIX. It's not a little ball you can fuck with and stick up your ass until someone's mad that it stinks so you take it and go home. We're in grown up land where we clean up the three wars perpetuated by lack of forethought, deal with an economy trashed by deregulation and change the health care system so we have strong able bodied Americans reaching their potential without fear. If you don't have something good to bring to that debate, go home, stick your gun up your ass or whatever makes you feel warm and safe and give up on politics. For once, I'd really like to watch the news and not think that half of my country is made of people still living in 1810.

Racism should've been dead by now in America. Those that think race means anything are bigoted and ignorant.

Nazism was one of the worst atrocities of our modern times, to compare that to a politician working towards progress and freedom is not only rude it disgraces the loss of the victims of that real tragedy.

The confederate south was defeated in cold blood. You want to start another civil war, just enlist or re-enlist. There are plenty of wars in the world to fixate your agression.

Threatening the President is treason, the punishment is hanging. I'm more than happy to put together the gallows.