Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poor Rush

Just doesn't get the technology. Perhaps he should go back to windows 3.1.
Rush Limbaugh falsely claimed that Democrats "have reformatted the [economic recovery] bill -- they've made it a PDF file when they posted it. ... And, so, you can read every page, but you cannot keyword search it. It's not a text file as legislation normally is as posted on these public websites. They don't want anybody knowing what's in this." In fact, as Adobe Systems notes of PDFs: "You can run a search using either the Search window or the Find toolbar. In either case, Reader searches the PDF body text, layers, form fields, and digital signatures."

mmm that Ctrl-F thing is kind of confusing. Why can't I have a plain text version instead of this fancy prettied up version that you can't edit? Moron.

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