Friday, October 17, 2008

The stupidity of racism

Y'know all of my life I've always thought that racism was something that I would see disappear from America in my life time. It's sad to think that there are still people in the world that are so confused by the color of a person's skin that they completely ignore the possibility of that person being a strong minded individual with morale clarity and good values that could be the next best thing to happen to the American Presidency. Instead of seeing Obama as a symbol of hope to prove America's strong belief in equality, so many are adopting the ignorant position of outright fear.

In Ohio there have been several rallies where videos of McCain supporters are seen claiming the same line of lies. Terrorist, Muslim, Arab, He hates white people. That ilk. All stupid stupid comments that aren't only false, but blatantly racist. Why would it matter that Obama was a Muslim? Why would it matter that he was of Arabic decent? Why would it matter if he was anything other than a man of the appropriate age, natively born in this country who meets the qualifications of being the next President of this country? It matters because people are stupid.

People are easily led by misdirection. People are easily driven to hatred and fear. And this stupidity stems from ignorance:
From the October 15 edition of WABC Radio's Bob Grant Show:

GRANT: Let me ask you this question, since you are aware of patriotic symbols. Maybe you don't know the answer. I'll be frank. I don't know the answer to this one, but what is that flag that Obama's been standing in front of that looks like an American flag, but instead of having the field of 50 stars representing the 50 states, there's a circle? Would someone please tell me what that is? Is the circle --

CALLER: Well, I thought it was our new flag.

GRANT: -- the "O" for Obama? Is that what it is?

CALLER: I thought it was our new flag. I thought we now instituted a new one under Obama, because we're going to change everything, and none of it is gonna be positive.

You can read the rest of the comments from Bob Grant at the link. He continues for a while making more silly comments about Obama's 'O'. For those of you that seek clarification, the flag in question was the state flag of Ohio. Yep, there's an 'O' on our state flag. Clearly that must mean that Ohio has sold out to Obama. Granted, that's been our flag since well before Obama existed a human being on this planet, it is obviously a symbol that everything is going to change in a bad way.

Digressing somewhat, I don't expect people to recognize the flag of Ohio. Or most state flags beside their own. But how do you claim to be any source of information in the media telling outright lies based on your fooling ignorance? Well when your agenda is hellbent towards finding anything ANYTHING you possibly can guess at or invent that continues to support your lying racist attitude, it's easy to slip in this pit of sad and pathetic ignorance. I doubt too many people listen to that radio program that I care to speak to. And I know our media won't ever actually hold this man responsible for his smear campaign, but I just want anyone that reads this to know, that I think racism and people that support it are ignorant selfish bastards that really don't deserve the luxuries of the United States of America. What they deserve to be is servants of the people they hate. Because that to me would be justice.

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