Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I don't really need to write anything, just wait long enough and it'll fall right out of their mouths:
Quoted in the Anchorage Daily News, the lawyer for Sarah Palin comments regarding the Alaska troopergate controversy and the investigation that was launched by a bipartisan committee of the Alaska legislature. Van Flein is quoted concerning whether Sarah Palin is being treated fairly by the State Legislature:
“Our concern is that Hollis French turns into Ken Starr and uses public money to pursue a political vendetta rather than truly pursue an honest inquiry into an alleged ethics issue,” Van Flein said in an interview.

That’s right folk, we finally have it straight from the Republican Horse’s Mouth, someone from the right formally admitting that the Ken Starr investigation, which wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, was nothing but a political witch hunt.

This Palin troopergate story just keeps getting better and better.

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