Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I'm sitting in my office and I overhear from across the hall: "Palin for VP, because America needs a spanking!"  Now I for one am not a fan of Sarah Palin as you could've probably guessed, but I have a real problem with the popularity she's gaining for the simple reason that she represents an image counter to what could actually be considered a good role model for women.  

Why do I think this?  Well this statement, among others from the right side of the "aisle" seem to suggest an underlying misogyny.  It appears to me that the old boys club is happy to have this "girl" on their side because "she's hot" and she's "gonna shake things up".  What it seems to be from my viewpoint is instead of a strong female persona, Palin has adopted the attitude of a woman who puts up with chauvanists because she likes the attention.  I see it everytime I see he hugging John McCain, an image that shows every bit of creepiness that is an old man with his trophy VP.  

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