Thursday, September 04, 2008


That John McCain... he just can't seem to come up with a good reason why he chose Palin, so instead he insists on lying about her experience.

I want to add too, my reactions from the speech last night. I think Palin did a fine job reading from the teleprompter. It was obvious that the speech wasn't originally written about her, esp. since the first half of it was just the same run of the mill BS about how great and mavericky McCain is. I turned it off after 11 so I could watch the Daily Show. I didn't do this purposely, my DVR can only record two things at once, so once Jon Stewart started, the channel flipped.

Now I'm biased. I'll admit that outright. And I guess I could see people in the GOP camp seeing Palin as this great example of a working mother who's struggled with her downs syndrome baby, but to me this wasn't the impression that ingrained itself. What I heard was a very annoying lady bantering on and on about crap that I knew she didn't write and I knew wasn't completely true. Her voice was grating and annoying and made it hard for me to pay attention. She sounded like someone trying to trumpet better band uniforms at a PTA meeting. And I don't say that to belittle her family or say that there's something out of place about a working mom in politics. I say it because she just seems like an annoying cheerleader for a cause no one cares about. Her constand reference to how hard she's fought and the battles she's one merely reflect the skill or luck of her political positioning. She talked about turning away money for the famous "bridge to nowhere" but in reality, she campaigned on that idea, won the election and when the earmark was approved, she bashed the project, but kept the money. That doesn't sound like telling Washington no thanks, it sounds like telling them, I'll spend your money how I choose. Which in itself is a worthwhile position if she weren't in fact running as if she never did that. Were she not running as a Washington outsider who doesn't believe in things like spending earmarks or creating deficits, I would give her the credit she deserves. But it's all lies. Palin created a deficit as Mayor of Wasilla. Alaska was giving poor ranking for businesses since she's been in office. She hasn't spent much time on anything but her directly politically motivated projects. Projects that have masked the truth in her lack of actual good governance. Add to that her considerable abuses of authority whether those are speculation or fact. The perception is clear. Add to that her ties to Ted Stevens and his corruption scandal. Add to that this BS about her family and her values and really what I see is that same person that was presented from the start. A poorly experienced, bad choice for VP.

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