Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Droopy Dog

Last night my friends, Joe Lieberman officially joined the party of the people that don't understand America. The speech he made last night should be the final proof that he should be stripped of any Congressional ranking within the Democratic party. Not only has he blasted the Dems for far too long, last night he outright lied for the sake of John McTooOldToDoAnything:
A refreshing change of pace from the kid gloves with which Joe is usually treated:

Let's dispose of Senator Lieberman first, because the fact of the matter is what he said is not true and he knows it is not true, so it's kind of the continued moral degeneration of Joe Lieberman on display for the entire country to watch.

Last night, Lieberman said that Obama voted "to cut off funding for our American troops on the battlefield."

You can read the fact checking that this is an outright lie. As mentioned in this post, he claimed several times last night that he was a Democrat. Well Mr. Party of your own, you're not a Democrat or a Republican, you're just a sad sad betraying liar.

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