Thursday, June 05, 2008

Taking Charge

It's just a start, but it's pretty refereshing...

Obama sets new standard for campaign contributions

I know I've heard a lot of talk about how Obama should be jumping into Senatorial politics right now and forcing the party to reject the current telecom compromise and push more progressive policy, but I think this approach starts things off better.

If Obama wins, he's going to be the clear director of the Democratic party. But right now he still has to rally the troops behind him. Going in and making big talk in the Senate isn't going to push the campaign and bring the Clinton fans to his side. Slow and steady wins this race and a good foot in the door is stopping the support of federal lobbyists or political action committees. These groups have enough control over policy decisions in Washington, we don't need them skewing the views of the American public. Cheers Mr. Obama. I hope one day to call you President.

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