Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lord Saleton pipes up again

Stop living in your little bubble buddy.

Some drugstores are starting to refuse to sell contraceptives (including condoms). This, understandably, worries a lot of people who think contraceptives should be available to women everywhere. Slate's ever-contrary Will Saletan isn't worried. Trouble is, his is an argument that's been made time and time again and it's still pretty dumb.

Read the rest if you can.

I can understand religious opposition to certain things, and I can understand people feeling that it is part of their freedom to be able to stand against those things. But in the case of something like contraception, a pharmacy isn't the front for religion to make change, it's a medical service that should support the needs of it's patients. I would rather every time I bought condoms I was handed a pamphlet about Jesus than to find out that one pharmacy stopped selling them. Living in the city, people like Saletan don't know what it's like to live in a rural area where one pharmacy is a huge deal. Not everyone can just go on to the next block.

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